Facility Services

We care, cherish, maintain, repair, clean and always at your service when it comes to building management.

Concierge Service
We cover all necessary concierge services (closing, inspection, repair, waste disposal services, etc.). We are always there for you, especially if "the worst comes to worst".

Examples of our services:
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Craft service
  • Patrols
  • Parking enforcement
  • Park maintenance

The accurate maintenance of your gardens is our passion.

Examples of our services:
  • Lawn mowing and irrigation
  • Weeding, weeding, etc.
  • Hedge cutting and tree pruning
  • Nutrient
  • Scarifying (promote aeration of the soil)
  • Trade and environmentally friendly hardwood and green waste disposal

Winter Service
In the winter, we take all responsibilities and commitment to ensure safety. We clean, scatter walkways, entrances, stairs, equipment, driveways, access to roads ways and car parks etc.

Scraper Service
We are experts in handling the clean first impression in your foyer. Our special mats bind up to 90% of the dry soil and up to 70% moisture.

Examples of our services:
  • Consultation and needs analysis
  • Different standard sizes and colors
  • Custom-made to individual design and company logo
  • Rental service in the exchange process
  • Washing service
  • Stone floor restoration

Restoration of floors with scratches or dull surfaces are treated with our high quality grinding and polishing process, your floor would shine like new after completion.

Examples of our services:
  • Cleaning, grinding, polishing, crystallizing, and impregnation of stone
  • Cleaning of terraces including algae and moss removal and impregnation
  • Repair of stone
  • Anti-slip treatment for floors and stairs

Facility Management

Smarter service for a flat hierarchy / slender structures, the outsourcing of the technical support of real estate pays off. Strutz facility service is a professional provider with high technical competence of any requirement relating to real estate.

We are a young dynamic company that promised to fully comply with and master new challenges.

Our customers include industrial companies for years the oil industry, medical practices, law firms, various residential units, etc.

Strutz Facility Services employs technicians who are available around the clock, which, after disruption and damage cases each can be mobilized at short notice. The high flexibility of our "rapid reaction force" was evident in particular in cases of damage such as water intrusion into customer homes and others.