Security Services

Proved know-how and more than 10 years experience in protecting people and property are the basis of our professionalism. Strutz security stands for the highest quality of security services, covering all sectors within the work place.

As a contractor in Baden - Wuerttemberg, Strutz security qualifies employee’s certifications and know-how at our in-house training facility in Löchgau.

We meet the highest demands - in the areas of:
  • Property and plant protection, doors and reception services
  • Risk analysis for wholesale and mass gatherings
  • Patrols
  • Site surveillance
  • Food
  • Bus and train
  • Safety in Schools
  • Load securing

Strutz security is ready for every eventuality, whether security services in stadiums, sophisticated building security, personal security or other responsible services as desired.

Each employee is under § 34 and has competed training under the Aimed Chamber of Trade Regulation, this entitles our security staff a proficiency examination. Strutz security is certified by SUG.

Customer Confidence
Strutz security is committed to a partnership long term relationship with the customer. Especially in the security realm trust is paramount and the long-standing relationship with our customers is the biggest award, through continuous improvement (CIP) to comply with client needs, you can trust your business security needs with Strutz.